The Greater Fool

Key stuck in ignition (or how did we get by before the Internet)

Tonight, I came home and pulled into the driveway as usual and put the tranny in park and turned off the ignition. I've done this a thousand times in my 2005 POS Ford Focus. Pull in, put it in park, turn off, take key, leave. However, tonight, the key did not come out. It felt like I could not turn it all the way to the 0 off position. Turn the ignition back on; start the car; put the transmission in various gears. No luck, the key would not come out.

My first clue to trouble was that I could shift the transmission out of Park without stepping on the brake first to release the Shift/Lock interlock that prevents folks from shifting the car into a moving gear without realizing the consequences and having your foot on the brake pedal. There's a spot next to the shift lever to unlock the interlock device if it's stuck but I had the opposite problem. It was stuck off.

Pull out the smartphone, a quick google search brings me to this page. I push the collar under the shifter back up after it's been placed in Park and et voila, key comes out. Seriously, what did folks do before the Internet. Some folks may ask their preferred supreme consciousness for answers when they do not know the answer. I ask Google. QED