The Greater Fool

Flickr tries again to be relevant by offering 1TB free for all users

I've been a flickr user since 2005 though, I let my pro membership lapse about 3 years ago. I stopped paying for it because it wasn't useful or relevant anymore. Flickr once defined social media long before twitter or facebook were dreamed of. Then Yahoo! came and acquired them. I thought it was a good thing at first. However, it didn't take long until it was obvious Yahoo! had bigger problems that keeping flickr afloat. They basically let a gold mine fall through their grasp as they let user after user leave with hard feelings due to crazy administrative stuff like deleting people's uploads to simple atrophy by letting their mobile apps become stale.

They were first (or close enough) in creating communities of users to contribute and engage in meaningful ways. They were first to offer 'unlimited' storage even if you didn't pay, they kept your images around so that whenever you came back, they would be there waiting for you. They were first in building quality API to interact with other services that people use. They were even first among the vowel droppers of app naming. All of these advantages meant nothing in a few years. I have tried 500px and SmugMug as replacements and none of them felt as seamless in terms of sharing. I loathed uploading directly to facebook but I eventually pulled the Flickr-Facebook integration since the mobile app sucked so bad.

So here we are, in 2013, as Melissa Mayer attempts to buy their way back to relevance. They acquired tumblr today, which I recently began using after choosing the 'Betamax/MiniDisc/HD-DVD' option in Posterous way back when those two were competitors and before twitter acquired Posterous and let that platform wither and die. Another attempt to get back in the game, they've offered 1TB (yes that's 537,731 6.5 Mpx images as their new landing page eloquently reminds me) gratis for all users. So all my images are back and hopefully they can get the photographers and artists back and make this platform a player again. I'm in.