The Greater Fool

Why Constitutional Fundamentalists (read Tea-Partiers) are off their rocker.

More to the point is that the constitution provides few answers to the hard questions thrown up by modern politics. Should gays marry? No answer there. Mr Klarman argues that the framers would not even recognise America’s modern government, with its mighty administrative branch and imperial executive. As to what they would have made of the modern welfare state, who can tell? To ask that question after the passage of two centuries, says Pietro Nivola of the Brookings Institution, is to pose an impossible thought experiment.

Everyone wants to just point to a magic potion/paper/person and say this is the answer to what ails us. Politics and government is a dirty business. It has always been and always will be.  Blindly following the ideals of any document, even one such as the US Constitution without accounting for period and global policy is asinine.