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Telerik Watch: Free JustCode, JustMock licenses for all Thursday webinar attendees


Sometimes people use the saying “Everyone’s a winner,” when in fact everyone is not a winner. If you join us tomorrow for the JustCode, JustMock and OpenAccess ORM webinar, though, you will be a winner! Everyone is truly a winner tomorrow because everyone that attends the Q2 2010 What’s New webinar will get free licenses for both JustCode and JustMock, Telerik’s powerful Visual Studio productivity tools. That’s $500 worth of software just for attending the live webinar event!

To get your complimentary licenses, register now for the webinar, and then join us tomorrow, July 22nd at 11:00 AM Eastern. You must attend the live event to get your license.

If you’ve never worked with JustCode or JustMock, this is your lucky week. Both tools can save you tons of time while coding or testing in Visual Studio, especially with the new features in Q2 2010. JustCode, for instance, includes a built-in Unit Test Runner and powerful solution-wide code analysis, while JustMock makes it easy to mock anything (including LinqToSql or EntityFramework). Don’t miss your one chance to get these tools pro-bono! Clear your calendar and we’ll see you at 11:00 AM.

Register now for JustCode, JustMock webiar

Telerik's RADControls was my UI library of choice a few years ago. I'll be looking forward to see what they're mocking framework has to offer.