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Shouting into the Void

I was shouting into a vast echo chamber where no one could hear me because they were too busy shouting themselves. All this time I’ve been pumping content into the void like some chatterbox Onan. How humiliating. How demoralizing.

Leo Laporte, one of the earliest geek pioneers and bellweather for all things tech, has declared Social Media, in general, and Google Buzz, specifically, a waste of time. He apparently had set his Buzz feed to private so one had seen any of this posts from August 6 until yesterday. And no complained or noticed, even.

Leo feels that engagement on microblogs, like Buzz and Twitter, is worthless as everyone is busy broadcasting their own agenda. Is this a phenomenon based purely on the medium or is it a cultural bias or is it simply a case of a fad going through its course. Engagement is something that feeds the original blog platform and that's where Leo is returning. I, too, have noticed a downturn of engagement on Buzz when compared to those halcyon early days (funny how that was just a few months ago). I think as a service goes mainstream, it gets diluted, and the early adopters (who truly drive engagement) move on. Twitter seems to be the outlier as it continues to provide value years into its inception.