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Mind-blowing new camera science

The camera that turns light into living pictures

This year, Lytro will debut the first light field camera for everyone. OK – you’re not everyone. You are a beautiful, unique snowflake. And you deserve an amazing camera that lets you capture life’s singular moments, like baby’s first steps not second, with maximum magic and minimum hassle. No more fighting with dials and settings and modes. No more flat, boring, static photographs. With a Lytro, you unleash the light.

No fuss focus.

Click away. Shoot first, focus after. That's right, after. You can't miss.

Shares the magic.

Immersive sharing with living pictures makes “wish you were here” come true.

Speed, indeed.

From sleep to snap in under a second. Instant on. Bye-bye shutter lag.

Travels light.

Portable and stylish enough to bring along, from the beach to the bistro.

The Lytro "Light Field Capturing" camera proposes to capture all the light information of a given scene or subject. According to their video, it captures the entire light field, capturing all angles and all dimensions which allows the photographer, or viewer even, to focus the subject of the resulting living picture.

Color me impressed!