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HP brings back a classic!

HP 15c Limited Edition Scientific Calculator

Price: $99.99

Also new from HP, the limited edition 15c provides what scientists and engineers count on. This classic RPN calculator is up to 100x faster than its predecessor and features a unique production number and “limited edition” script, making it a great gift for collectors and technical professionals.

I was introduced to RPN logic and programming with an HP 11c back the summer of 1985 between seventh and eighth grade. I convinced my parents to buy me my own before high school and it was eventually stolen in my sophomore year. I've wanted a 15c ever since then. It's not often to lust after a 25 year piece of technology but this is it. If you've ever used one, you'd understand. The landscape form-factor, the crisply-beveled keys, the stack of three watch batteries that powered it, all contributed to the awesomeness. There's a link on the page to buy but it doesn't appear in their online store, yet.

Vintage examples sell for 2 to 5 times this cost on ebay so if this is re-issue is the same quality, then it's a bargain. I recognize the absurdity of paying $100 for a calculator that barely fits in my pocket in this day and age of smartphones and tablets, but this will be mine.