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Sociology vs. Biology

While watching Sixteen & Pregnant, a reality show on MTV about girls that are 16 and, er, pregnant, I begin to wonder how that cognitive dissonance is formed. It's strange that at the age our bodies are best suited to have children, our psyches are so unprepared. Why is that? Are we failing so badly at raising our children that they are incapable of coping with something as fundamental as the continuation of our species.

I know that these girls fail in spectacular fashion (it is television, after all) but I think most people would agree that no one is mentally or emotionally prepared to be parents at sixteen. Physically, though, we are at our peaks at age. A woman's ovaries, eggs, and uterus will never be as healthy as that age. Men also peak sexually then. Certainly our hormones tell us that we're ready to be parents at that age.

Is this a matter of sociology catching up quicker than evolution? Will human physiology change (evolve) to allow for more mature parents? Are we babying our children too much so that they can't perform as nature intended? Have we effectively defeated natural selection by not allowing failures to be selected out?