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Agile reveals problems; doesn't solve them

Right now it feels like this process isn’t working, right?  We’ve been going around in circles for two hours because we’re not all using the same language.  There are several deep misunderstandings that are preventing us from making progress.  However, the sprint planning process is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing.  It made us get together in the same room, talk to each other, and discover that we still have some groundwork to do before we can can even have this planning conversation.  The Scrum process didn’t cause this problem, just just exposed the problem.  Not having a shared understanding of the domain concepts is a problem no matter what process you use.  It’s far better that we discover this problem right here, right now, rather than write a 50-page spec and do three months of dev work around broken concepts before we realize we’re going in the wrong direction.

An interesting read about how the Agile process is perceived to work and how it is supposed to work. The greatest asset of the Agile Sprint is to define the problems that wouldn't have been obvious to the business analysts. Often times, without agile processes, these become the fundamental issues that reveal themselves as the code is being written or debugged. It's much harder to triage them at that stage when the developer is alone and tasked to his or her limit.