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Why don't people who don't go to college argue against its merits.

[T]here’s a simple explanation for that which is not simply that those who went are those with the most authority to speak on the matter. No, that’s missing the main point. The real reason for this absence is that those who didn’t go to university tend not to think about such things. They’re too worried about how to pay rent, or how to avoid losing everything in a messy divorce, or who’s going to win Dancing With the Stars.

In short, they’re not thinking about how bad college is because they’re not sophisticated enough to–because they didn’t go to college. By the way, if that offends you, you probably went to college.

Daniel Miessler makes a great point by pointing out that all the people who rant against college education on Hacker News, et al all actually went to college. He poses the question,

Where are all of the people saying this that didn't go to college?

And of course, answers his question with the above quote. I think he leaves out the most important attributes, learning to learn and networking with successful peers. Those are clearly the most beneficial activities one gleams from post-secondary school academic life.