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New Visual Studio Power Tool debugger canvas will Blow. Your. Mind.

Watch this video, preferably in full screen HD, and witness the new age of debugging and stack traces. The visualization is truly amazing as each frame of the call stack is individually rendered as a code bubble on the canvas. I can see where this could revolutionize the way we write code, too. Imagine, if you will, a TDD coding session where you write your test, fail it, then use Debugger Canvas edit and fix it, right in the debugging session.

The only caveat is this feature like Intellitrace is only available in the Ultimate version Visual Studio. C'mon Micro$oft, bring it to the masses! We have bugs, too!

Debugging Tips with Visual Studio 2010 - ScottGu's Blog

Run to Cursor (Ctrl + F10)

Often I see people debugging applications by hitting a breakpoint early in their application, and then repeatedly using F10/F11 to step through their code until they reach the actual location they really want to investigate.  In some cases they are carefully observing each statement they step over along the way (in which case using F10/F11 makes sense).  Often, though, people are just trying to quickly advance to the line of code they really care about – in which case using F10/F11 isn’t the best way to do this.

Instead, you might want to take advantage of the “run to cursor” feature that the debugger supports.  Simply position your cursor on the line in your code that you want to run the application to, and then press the Ctrl + F10 keys together.  This will run the application to that line location and then break into the debugger – saving you from having to make multiple F10/F11 keystrokes to get there.  This works even if the line of code you want to run to is in a separate method or class from the one you are currently debugging.

ScottGu has a bunch of new debugging with Visual Studio 2010 tips but this is the one that sticks out for me. I am guilty as described in pressing F10 repeatedly until I get to the code I actually want to see in action. Ctrl+F10 when the cursor is on the line you're interested in will give you the same results quickly.