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Error Messages

I have been have a difficult time accessing a particular website and it kept return the error message below when I tried to login.  So my response was to try again as directed and it failed again.  It was not particularly urgent, so I waited a few days and tried again.  Same error response.  Again, I waited a few days and tried again with the same results.

So I called the Customer Assistance number as directed.  After wading through two different IVM and twice as many live CSMs, including getting hung up on, I finally reach someone who can help me.  So first question they ask when I give them the error description?

CSM: “Are you using Safari?”
Me: “No”
Me: [Thinking] “I can’t believe this is a browser compatibility issue”
CSM: “Are you using Google Chrome?”
Me: “Yes”
CSM: “Ah, Google Chrome is not a supported platform. Can you try again using Internet Explorer?”
Me: “That was not indicated anywhere on your website or the error message”
CSM: “Do you have Internet Explorer”

You know the rest.  Fire up IE for the first time in a while. Everything works just fine.  Imagine how much time could have been saved if the error indicated something beyond “Unable to Process Request – Try Again Later or Contact Customer Support.”  Even if they would indicate somewhere on the website what the “supported platforms” are, this whole problem could be avoided.  Customers are your friends, they pay your bills.  Don’t make them jump through hoops to use your services.