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Physics is fun!

Remarkable series of videos describing the counter-intuitive, but totally logical, explanation of a Slinky spring and the propational characteristics of waveform energy. Watch them from top to bottom to get the full effect. It really is quite remarkable.

The most difficult part, to me, at least, is understanding the nature of forces acting on the Slinky while it's "at rest."

Epic Win!

Scientists finally proved Einstein's theory of relativity by demonstrating the effects of twisted space-time caused by Earth's gravity.

They did this by building the most perfect spheres ever crafted by humans, varying by no more than 40 atoms in any measure. They put these most perfect spheres into gyroscopes they were then launched into orbit and set then spinning against a star for a stable frame of reference. Then they built the most accurate measuring devices capable of detecting a variance of a fraction of an arc-second.

After all this work, and a couple of year's wait to let these previously-undetected forces of nature do their work, the scientists discovered that space around the spinning and orbiting Earth was distorted by a measurable amount. Great job, guys!