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The future of mobile development

I am more and more convinced with each (iPad) passing (iPhone 4.0) day (Twitter/Tweetie) that developing on any mobile platform that is vendor-specific is a waste of time and resources.  Apple believed this, Palm believed this, Google still believes this.

Native code is sexy for sure but unless you're ready to bond yourself to an entire ecosystem it will all come crumbling down at the first sight of monetization.  Either you'll have to recreate for each platform or play inside the walled gardens.

In the mobile arena, this means HTML5, WebGL, and WebSockets will be the power players.  The browser is the gateway.  My advice to any would-be mobile developers is to learn those technologies and flourish.

I'm Really Worried About What Apple Is Trying To Do With The iPad

the iPad a fatal distraction for publishers. They are deluding themselves into thinking that the future lies in their past.

Will the iPad start a consumption-oriented revolution? Part of what makes web content so enticing, especially over the past few iterations (web2.0, anyone), is the interactive nature of it. Will the iPad push us back to sedentary mode again? Is that why the publishers are so willing to embrace it? It gives them control again.

Google is pushing in that way too, with Google Reader Play, which resembles channel surfing at its best. Deliver me rapid fire buckshot of content in the hope that some of it sticks (and gets shared). Google is in bed with the advertisers so I can see their interest in keeping that cash cow well-fed and comfortable. I hope we don't see a big fracture of content producers again. Just as blogging, both traditional long-form and high speed micro-tweets, have caught up (and some say, passed) old-media outlets. Now we'll have iPad vs the current new media.