The Greater Fool

Live to eat or eat to live?

And of course he doesn't just eat it...He has to eat it in my face.

I grew up in an ethnic household, and a poor one at that, so we ate any and everything. From Spam fried rice to oxtail stew to duck tongues to ham hocks to thousand-year-old eggs. My wife is from the mid-west where the dominant flavor profile is bland.

We have learned to compromise but it wasn't an easy road. On one of our early meals together, we went to a Tuscan restaurant where the bread service was accompanied by extra-virgin olive oil. She was horrified! During an extended stay with her family, I learned the multitude of ways that ground beef, pasta, and Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup can be combined into a lifetime of "hot dishes."

Today, we still have some ground rules. She won't try any seafood and I've managed to learn to love the congealed salad. Still, the thought of a guys-with-unadventurous-wives supper club is piquing my interest.