The Greater Fool

How to eat a prime Valentine's dinner on a supermarket budget

Step 1: Obtain a choice budget. Take one single income family, add third child, sprinkle liberally with recession, spread thin with recent beach vacation, stuff with Hallmark holiday with steak dinner expectations.

Step 2: Procure cheap steaks. Public was gracious enough to accommodate this us with sale on non-USDA labeled ribeyes. The bone-in variety, my favorite, was $6/lb. and the boneless style preferred by my better half was $7/lb. Not too bad, both of the steaks I chose totaled less than $5 each. Now we just have to make it tasty and tender.

Step 3: Improve the product. With help with Steamy Kitchen post ( ), I had a plan for the steaks.  Allow them to come up to room temperature while I prepped the baked potatoes.

Step 4: Aggresively salt both sides of the meat. I used ½-tsp on each side. It definitely looks obscene, but I understand the science of it, so let's hope for the best. Let it rest again at room temperature while we light the charcoal in the chimney starter.

Step 5: After 15 minutes or so, a good amount of liquid had been pulled to the surface of the meat. After a quick rinse, pat the steaks dry and a sprinkle of pepper, place the steaks onto the hot grill.

Step 6: Grill steaks to appropriate doneness using the poke method ( ). 

Enjoy with the loved one of your choice!  The technique really did seem to add to the texture and flavor of the steak.  It seemed to have a more intense flavor thanks to the salting and it did seem more tender compared to typical supermarket steaks.